Supernatural Shadow Box

Shadow Box Funko Mini Display

mystery mini.jpg

My husband and I may have gotten a little crazy with Funko Minis.  Which means we have a ton of figurines lying around our apartment, I think we may have more toys now than I did when I was an actual child.  LOL!  We have almost all of the Supernatural characters.  They have been living on our book shelf, but I was constantly knocking them over.  My solution?  An un-used shadow box that has been lying around and some hot glue.



It's not a very big shadow box so it wouldn't fit all of them, and some of them (Cas, Charlie, Bobby) were to wide to fit under the glass.  I used hot glue because it will easily peel off if I ever want to display them differently.  


The finished photo is a little wonky and at a weird angle.  It's only because my hallway is really dark and I was trying to avoid the reflection of the flash.  Either way problem solved, for the most part.  I at least have 10 minis off of the book shelf.  I will definitely be getting more shadow boxes for our other characters!