Crochet Hook Tool Roll

Organization for your crochet hooks

crochet hook roll

If any of you crazy crafters out there are anything like myself, then you probably have a million crochet hooks.   You misplace them and buy more, and then you end up with a ton.  This is a really simple project that uses very little fabric, and will neatly organize all your different hooks!

The roll consists of two rectangular pieces of fabric 8"x7" for the body, and one 8"x 6" for the hook pocket.  You will also need one piece 8"x2" for the flap.  Fold and press the edge of the pocket fabric about 1".  Next just sandwich everything together and sew vertical rows spaced apart 1.25" to make your hook slots.  I made my own bias tape to finish the raw edges and to use for the ties.  

You can also get a little fancy and do some embroidery on the front.

Or you can get really fancy and do a lot of embroidery!

It's just one small step to organize my crafts, but it was a really fun project.  If you find this project a little daunting you can always just buy one here.