Green Tea Lavender Detox Bath

Taking a long hot bath is one of life's great luxuries!  Do yourself a huge favor and take it a step further and add some detox elements. My favorite combination is green tea, lavender, and magnesium (one of my all time favorite bath and body ingredients).  Green tea is such a detox powerhouse, it is super beneficial for your skin, a great antioxidant, and of course relaxing.   Green tea will make your skin softer and help eliminate toxins from the body.

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Oil Roller for Anxiety

My husband and I recently ventured home to visit some family, and he's always gotta make sure he hits up the high stakes bingo.  I got to tell you, this is one of my least favorite things to do in the world. Bingo gives me so much anxiety!!  I'm worried about missing numbers, if the caller is calling too fast,  and most of all having to yell bingo.  Yelling loudly in a room full of quiet people could very well throw me into full on panic mode.

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Polaroid Magnets

DIY Polaroid Magnets

via Pop Sugar

via Pop Sugar

I found this very awesome, very quick tutorial a while back that I just had to share!  You can read the full post over on Pop Sugar.  I did not use foam board but as you can see below mine turned out just fine.  The spray mount is really messy so make sure you spray it outside or put some scrap paper down to catch the stray spray.  

polaroid magnet

Supernatural Shadow Box

Shadow Box Funko Mini Display

mystery mini.jpg

My husband and I may have gotten a little crazy with Funko Minis.  Which means we have a ton of figurines lying around our apartment, I think we may have more toys now than I did when I was an actual child.  LOL!  We have almost all of the Supernatural characters.  They have been living on our book shelf, but I was constantly knocking them over.  My solution?  An un-used shadow box that has been lying around and some hot glue.



It's not a very big shadow box so it wouldn't fit all of them, and some of them (Cas, Charlie, Bobby) were to wide to fit under the glass.  I used hot glue because it will easily peel off if I ever want to display them differently.  


The finished photo is a little wonky and at a weird angle.  It's only because my hallway is really dark and I was trying to avoid the reflection of the flash.  Either way problem solved, for the most part.  I at least have 10 minis off of the book shelf.  I will definitely be getting more shadow boxes for our other characters!

Beauty and the Beets

DIY Beet Beauty Recipes

Beets are one of the most amazing vegetables out there and they are so damn delicious.  Since they have such a vibrant color I was not surprised to find many beauty recipes that utilize  the beet.  Read on for some fun and easy beauty tutorials!

 I have been making my own beet root powder for about a year now by dehydrating them and grinding them up with my coffee grinder.  Here is a great post on how to make your own moisturizing lip tint using beets.  Click on over to Everything Pretty and check it out!

via  xo pixel

This tutorial uses whole beets and vegetable glycerin to make a lip/cheek stain.  Read the whole post by xo pixel here!

I adore making bath bombs and shower fizzies. They really put bath and relaxation time on another level, but can get very expensive when buying in store or online.  I love the idea of using beets as a natural dye for bath bombs.  I have never experimented with dyes in my bath bombs so be careful you don't tint your tub.  Click on over to Salt and Ritual and check out the full post. 

via  xo vain

I deal with chapped lips constantly, whether it is summer or winter I suffer from dry skin.  I use lip scrubs most nights, and this beet lip scrub sounds like a fun new recipe to try.  Click through to view the recipe from  xo vain and try it out!

Happy crafting!