Beauty and the Beets

DIY Beet Beauty Recipes

Beets are one of the most amazing vegetables out there and they are so damn delicious.  Since they have such a vibrant color I was not surprised to find many beauty recipes that utilize  the beet.  Read on for some fun and easy beauty tutorials!

 I have been making my own beet root powder for about a year now by dehydrating them and grinding them up with my coffee grinder.  Here is a great post on how to make your own moisturizing lip tint using beets.  Click on over to Everything Pretty and check it out!

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This tutorial uses whole beets and vegetable glycerin to make a lip/cheek stain.  Read the whole post by xo pixel here!

I adore making bath bombs and shower fizzies. They really put bath and relaxation time on another level, but can get very expensive when buying in store or online.  I love the idea of using beets as a natural dye for bath bombs.  I have never experimented with dyes in my bath bombs so be careful you don't tint your tub.  Click on over to Salt and Ritual and check out the full post. 

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I deal with chapped lips constantly, whether it is summer or winter I suffer from dry skin.  I use lip scrubs most nights, and this beet lip scrub sounds like a fun new recipe to try.  Click through to view the recipe from  xo vain and try it out!

Happy crafting!